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  1. Re my previous reviews (Jedi 90, Titanal 99’s & Woodies)
    I have since purchased (June 2015) some Summit Rocker 118’s to add to my Skiboard collection, but cannot give a review until a ski them next Season (~ 6 months).
    Strangely I was doing some measurements on my boards as optically I could see something was not right when comparing.
    The original Line ski Jedi 90’s are actually longer then stated. All the other boards I have, measure their “full” length along the base an up the tip and tail and not straight end to end i.e. if the skiboards were flattened. Therefore the Jedi 90’s actually measure in at 93cm and not the 90cm as printed on the boards (89cm in the board Stats). Strange but true! Probably why they were okayish off piste if you are slim…

    I am not sure if that was because Line were one of the first and they adopted a different measuring process, or that other board manufacturers vary how they measure – no other boards to compare at moment. However, the Titanal 99’s, Summit 110’s and the Rocker 118’s all measure up the tips & tails…
    Hence the equivalent board lengths would now beā€¦that the Jedi 90’s are actually 93cm or my other boards equivalent size would be:
    Titanal 99 = 96.5cm
    110’s = 108 cm
    118’s = 116 cm
    Strange but true…

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