Bent Films: Buggard Mouse

BentFilms latest flick, Buggard Mouse: A Kooks ‘A Changin’ mixes you typical rider section format with some trick tips from the pros and offers up a blended mash up of art/pointers/skiboarding/events footage/fun.

Buggard Mouse won’t teach you how to put on your skiboards or tell you the basics of taking off a jump, instead the trick tips given are more for style/trick variables/newer tricks such as butters, fakie, one footers, shifties, pretzels and a few tips on big powder riding from the Condor. The lingo is a little hard to get if your not familiar with director Ben Wannamaker’s particular manner of speech, but the important parts are easily understood by all. The trick tips are also really entertaining not boring as hellz to watch like some older trick tip videos.

On to the the rider sections; Some section are really focused on what the particular rider is known for/loves to ride. From inline inspired rails with Nils Jansons to big powder with Brett Connors. Combine this with some great lifestyle shots makes for great sections filled with personality.

The editing & shots captions and elements used throughout the movie give a rough around the edges/artsy/makeshift kind of feel so don’t be surpised if you left a little confuesed after the movie.Buggard Mouse also has a bunch of haikus/poetry inserted as quick flashses (pause button is key here) for all those of you who enjoy the artfully spoken word.

If you missed events of the few yester years, expect to see footage from Romania, Tremblant, Wachusetts & Belleayre. You might however recognize some shots from Internet edits, as they are recycled for this edit.

From Folk to Hip Hop, BM has got some great music from people you probably have never heard of, but might want to check out after watching Buggard Mouse.

Rider – Jason Roussel – Expert Skiboarder Co-Founder

Buggard Mouse…amazing…

This video was amazing, featuring the best pro riders of the world all throwing down their best tricks, and even giving some trick tips to the viewer. The choice of music was amazing and varied throughout the movie. The level of riding in this video is intense, whether it be from Brett Conners hitting some cliff drops, Ben Wannamaker throwin a shifty 5, or Kirk Thompson trying to grind a tree across a stream. The narration is also awesome, with Ben\’s personal flair shown all throughout this video whether it be his dialogue in the trick tips, or the poems and doodles that appear randomly throughout the movie.

If you love skiboarding, then you will love this video. This is a buy for any skiboarder out there. Only complaint is that it had to come to an end.

(Rider) Ty Bereskie – Expert Skiboarder