Test Pilot Mojo Wax

This smells more like candy than wax, but don’t try to eat it. This one comes as a spray, which works pretty well, and the 40oz bottle lasts pretty long. But if you leave it out in your car or outer pocket of your jacket, its going to freeze and be pretty much impossible to use. It also doesn’t come with any applicator, so you’re going to have to improvise to buff the stuff on your base. (Dirty socks work great!)

Rider – Jason Roussel – Expert Skiboarder Co-Founder Skiboardmagazine.com

oneballjay Viper Paste Wax

Good deal for the money, 55g of highly fluorinated rub-on paste wax. The sponge applicator that comes with it, well, is total garbage, and it fell apart the first time I tried using it. But you can replace it with that old Line tee you were thinking of throwing out. Keep this one out of the cold because it turns into super thick paste that is really hard, but not impossible to buff and apply.

Rider – Jason Roussel – Expert Skiboarder Co-FounderSkiboardmagazine.com

Bent Films: Buggard Mouse

BentFilms latest flick, Buggard Mouse: A Kooks ‘A Changin’ mixes you typical rider section format with some trick tips from the pros and offers up a blended mash up of art/pointers/skiboarding/events footage/fun.

Buggard Mouse won’t teach you how to put on your skiboards or tell you the basics of taking off a jump, instead the trick tips given are more for style/trick variables/newer tricks such as butters, fakie, one footers, shifties, pretzels and a few tips on big powder riding from the Condor. The lingo is a little hard to get if your not familiar with director Ben Wannamaker’s particular manner of speech, but the important parts are easily understood by all. The trick tips are also really entertaining not boring as hellz to watch like some older trick tip videos.

On to the the rider sections; Some section are really focused on what the particular rider is known for/loves to ride. From inline inspired rails with Nils Jansons to big powder with Brett Connors. Combine this with some great lifestyle shots makes for great sections filled with personality.

The editing & shots captions and elements used throughout the movie give a rough around the edges/artsy/makeshift kind of feel so don’t be surpised if you left a little confuesed after the movie.Buggard Mouse also has a bunch of haikus/poetry inserted as quick flashses (pause button is key here) for all those of you who enjoy the artfully spoken word.

If you missed events of the few yester years, expect to see footage from Romania, Tremblant, Wachusetts & Belleayre. You might however recognize some shots from Internet edits, as they are recycled for this edit.

From Folk to Hip Hop, BM has got some great music from people you probably have never heard of, but might want to check out after watching Buggard Mouse.

Rider – Jason Roussel – Expert Skiboarder Co-Founder Skiboardmagazine.com

Snowjam X-II Bindings

This is my second season on the SnowJam X-II bindings, (known to some, as AX-1) and I figured I probably know them well enough to give you guys/gals a decent review.

Probably the best feature of these is what I call the “v-plate” feature thing. This is what houses the mounting screws. It is separate from the base plate, this gives you 1 inch of play to adjust your bindings forward or backwards. This is awesome because you don’t actually have to completely take out the screws to adjust them, just loosen those suckas up, and slide the binding forward or back. No handling of screws that you might drop in the snow, no need to take your gloves/mitts off! 1 inch doesn’t sound like much, but it really makes a noticeable difference when you are riding shorter boards in powder.

The “v-plate” and bail plates adjust in 2.5 mm increments, and it’s easy to get and quick to get them adjusted to the right size. There are even numbers you can match to your boot’s sole length to make it super easy and user friendly.

The board interface is a rubber sheet thing that matches the base plate. This won’t give you as much precise edge control as the Bomber Elites (those have metal board interface) but on the plus side, it does dampen some vibrations and allows for pretty decent edge control.

I’ve heard of some people having problems with the mounting screws loosening up, personally I haven’t had this problem, but the screw holding the back bail plate get loose frequently. If this happens to you, just get some lock-tite and put a drop on the screws! Not much of a problem!

There is one thing that I really dislike and is annoying about these bindings. The front clip gets caught in the bail if it slides to much to one side, and pretty much locks it in the open position. The more you try to force it, the more is gets caught. What you have to do, is slide it back to the center be able to close it. I never had this problem with any other binding.

So to wrap it up, these binders are pretty damn decent for the price! If you don’t want to spend a lot of dough for Bomber bindings, these will sacrifice a bit of performance due in part to the rubber interface, but you’ll save 75 + dollars!

Rider – Jason Roussel – Expert Skiboarder Co-Founder Skiboardmagazine.com

Rossignol Soft Scratch Boots give you lots of room to play…

I’ve been using these for the past 3 or 4 season.

These flex in more directions and places than a contortionist doing yoga. They give you a lot of room to play around in the park especially on jibs. these are pretty dang soft boots but not too soft, so you can still hit the rest of the mountain with confidence. tree huggers looking for soft boots for the glades would also really like these.

They have a rubber insert in the sole which dampens vibrations, 4 buckles all with micro adjust, and semi-thermo fit liners.

They fit pretty wide and high feet. so if you’re unsure, try before you buy! (i unfortunately did not and i really have to crank these tight)

People who spend most of their times carving on groomers or in the bumps should look for something slightly stiffer.
(Rider) Jason Roussel – Expert Skiboarder

SBOL Padded Skiboard bag makes a perfect fit…

This bag is perfect for my KTPs. It’s a tight fit but works out perfectly. The R8 Monkey bag felt really big to me (probably because I’m short). I love this bag’s short handles and shoulder strap. It makes carrying my boards in one hand, and boots in the other so much easier. Highly recommended.

Rider – Courtney – Expert Skiboarder

White Dwarf has some great big air shots…

Great movie, amazing editing, music and some great riding. This movie shows the progression of skiboarding and what where skiboards excel, on rails and boxes. There are also some great big air shots from the riders especially Ethen Mitchell and his famous fakie misty flip.

(Rider/Co-Founder Skiboardmagazine.com) Jason Roussel – Intermediate Skiboarder 

Extreme II bindings held up to lots of abuse…

My friend picked up these bindings along with a pair of 90cm Snowjam boards around 2004. He was around 200 lbs and rode them very hard for a long time, after that I rode them for several years. They held up very, very well against both our riding. They seemed somewhat heavy but were very strong. After several years of abuse they started to slightly strip in some areas. They’re still usable 6 years later. The Snowjam boards that came along with the bindings lasted less than a year after my friend cracked the base of one of them.

(Rider/Webmaster Skiboardmagazine.com) Courtney – Expert Skiboarder

Snow Jam Quick Adjust bindings do the trick…

The Snow Jam Quick Adjust bindings are a simple yet effective binding for the lighter rider. It’s not intended to be used in the park, rather on groomers by a lighter rider.

The bindings themselves are made of composite plastic and do exactly what they are called, adjust very quickly on the fly. There is a lever both at the toe and heal of the binding, on the bails, that flip up to adjust and back down to lock the bail back into place. This makes it super easy to adjust on the hill if need be. But this also can pose a problem.

If you are riding these bindings hard or in the park, they have a tendency to come lose and release at an undesired time. They also are not made from strong metal material like Line FF Pro’s or Bombers, or even SnowJam’s ExtremeII bindings. This makes it very difficult for the heavier rider to feel comfortable with these strapped to their feet.

I have used these in the past as ‘rental’ bindings for friends who are lighter and want to try out some of my skiboards. I don’t actively use them myself as I am over 6 feet tall and weight over 200lbs.

They are what they are, simple, easy to adjust bindings for lighter riders who aren’t going to be hitting the park.

(Rider/Webmaster Skiboardreview.com) Andrew Deehr – Intermediate Skiboarder