Smith Variant Brim Helmet

It’s little pricey

But it does its job for sure.

I went on big kicker, and fell on my back and hit my head. I didn’t even notice I hit my head on the ground until a couple minutes later. My neck was stiff and I saw a little mark on the helmet.

This happened to me at least couple more times. and I didn’t feel a thing on my head. I just had a stiff neck.

Over all, it’s little pricey but it will protect your head.

(Rider) Jeaho Park – Intermediate Skiboarder

skeletools Impact Gear

I was a newbie in the park. So I decided to get some protection gear. I got upper body and lower body protection, both medium.

Upper body was little bit big but I liked the way it created a little space and wasn’t too tight. And while riding I never noticed that i was wearing them, until someone hit me on chest =P

Lower body protection is little bulky, and it’s tight. I chose Medium because I wear size 32 pants, but it was a little too tight. I just kept wearing them and got used to it. First time I wore them I felt like i had a BIG butt.

But some of you can see my video and you can’t really notice that much after a while. =P

These work.
I fell right on rail. on my chest, on my butt.
I hugged the rail while falling. I hit my tight on rail.
I landed wrong and fell on my butt many times and my back.

I do not have a scratch on me, and I am ready to go skiboarding again the next day. Just get the right size and get used to the bulkiness and tightness.

Pads are replaceable so you can rearrange your pads. (i did). Also you can get new pads. (i didn’t have to until now)I didn’t feel that they were moving while riding. They are where they are supposed to be.

(Rider) Jeaho Park – Intermediate Skiboarder

SBOL zip up hoody

Unless the temperatures are nearing the single digits, I’m almost always wearing my SBOL hoodie on the slopes. It’s decently thick and warm, and with the right layering underneath it’s fine down into the 30’s. The quality is impressive. I wear it off and on the mountain a lot, and it still looks almost new. I’ve even taken some serious spills with it (including sliding on my back 3/4 of the way down an icy double black) and it has held up really well.

I love the “I am a skiboarder” on the back. It is simple and to the point. Also, it’s a great way to get conversations started in the lift lines. Other than the Enurshia products, there isn’t much out there in terms of “skiboarder wear,” so it’s nice to have something like the SBOL hoodie as an option.

Definately recommended.

(Rider)Tim – Intermediate Skiboarder

RVL8 EMP Longsleeve Shirt

We’ll last year G decided to release the first ever shirt based upon a skiboard graphic (The 105cm Ethan Mitchell Pro Graphic or todays Revolt Tree) I actually won this shirt in a contest and it quickly became one of my favorite shirts. It is extremely warm and is perfect for a day when its a sunny and in the high 40s of 50s.

Now at a lower price because it is more than a season old…its a BUY NOW. As for sizing it fits pretty true to size.

(Rider) Ty Bereskie – Expert Skiboarder

Ben Wannamaker Bandana

This is a quick review which I just added because i was so surprised by a part of the bandana. Around 5, I went down to the hotel, and just laid my bandana out on the counter of the hotel room. It was soaking wet because of the snow, and it was also frozen in some spots. An hour later after dinner, it was completely dry and unfrozen, which shocked me. This also kept my neck and face warm and wind-free on the mountain, but i did have a facemask on under it. This looks a lot cooler than a facemask though!

(Rider) Rob Kraebel – Intermediate Skiboarder