Westside is stiff and sturdy…

I purchased these skiboards whilst in Romania (from Shew Ichihashi), but after only one day of riding I feel I can give a review. I used these skiboards with the Exclaim! riser plate and rossignol releasable bindings.

Firstly, these skiboards are on the skinny side (11.5/9.4/11.5), and they are asymmetrical (the binding holes are set back slightly. They are 99cm long and quite heavy when compared to RVL8s. They are also made of a power-cell (foam) core, unlike the standard wood of most other skiboards. This had led to speculation from the skiboard community, however any fears I had were soon dispelled when riding them.

These skiboards are stiff and sturdy, and provide a huge amount of stability when riding. I found myself going faster straight away, and feeling more under control. The slanted sidewall (which differs from most other skiboards) provides great hold on icy conditions, and when riding down groomed runs they’re probably the best skiboards I’ve ridden.

Due to the smaller width, skating on the flats took a little more effort, however they cut through the snow very well due to being stiff. Despite their stiffness, they still are great for butters and flatland tricks, proving both their durability and flexibility when doing nose presses etc.

They maneuvered very quickly when going through trees; however I do not think they will do well in powder due to being so thin. The bindings are set back automatically however, which is why i gave them a 3.

Overall if you like your skiboards stiff, with a very ‘grounded’ feel, these will be great for you.

Rider – Joe Wright – Intermediate Skiboarder