Custom Carbons are fast…

Since I own the Summit Custom Woodies 110cm stiff skiboards, when the Carbon version came out, I just had to get them. I’ve found for myself, the 110cm length is my perfect length. Why did I purchase the Carbons when I already own the Woodies? I was looking for a skiboard with the same shape and characteristics of the Woodies, but in a slightly lighter version as the Woodies are really heavy.

Performance-wise, they have more flex than the Woodies, which for me, isn’t a great thing since I do prefer a skiboard that is super stiff, but aside from that, they perform just like the Woodies in various conditions, being a bit more forgiving than the Woodies with more of a flex. They are fast, they grip on ice, they are fast, and for me, they are almost just right. If they were stiffer, they would be just right, but I think for the majority, this is the right combination of flex with all-around mountain performance.

Rider – Edward Ho – Expert Skiboarder