Sherpa is my all around favorite board…

My all around favorite board. The Sherpa is a deep powder beast, yet nimble as can be. It carves like a demon on the groomers as it holds speed equal of skis or snowboards. The ultimate big mountain skiboard. The only drawback I’ve found is it is a little difficult to pilot in very tight moguls.

Below is Jacks review from the SBOL forums:
This board is totally the equal or better in float and speed through pow of the Icelantic Scout 143or for that matter of any 180 cm mid fat ski or of a 160 cm snowboard, yet is way more maneuverable and yet grips like a fiend on ice. How sweet is that…!
It was also one of those days with the snow blowing side ways and visibility near zero at times but I could just trust the wonderful stable platform of the Sherpa, smoothing the ride out in off piste variable snow, you know bumpy snow, moguls, deep pow stashes mixed with ice and can’t see kind of stuff!!
You know just stepping into this board on your living room floor feels like it will be the most cumbersome board possible, compared to a 110 or 105 skiboard with a shorter and narrower shape, but don’t let that fool you at all. The thing becomes the most maneuverable board ever once you give it some gas, and those 160 tips are totally completely amazing in lifting you up like magic in the pow or crud. I have never, every ridden any snowsliding device that has been sweeter as an all a rounder. This board does everything , it evens out rough terrain like it was groomed snow , it floats you high in the pow dream like , it carves like a demon on ice and has extraordinary hold at speed , and is the totally the equal or better of any other snow sliding board out there in the big mountain arena . BUT HERE IS THE MOST AMAZING AND WONDERFUL PART OF THIS WHOLE PACKAGE. Jeff Singer has engineered a 7.5 meter turn radius into this thing!
This thing turns on a dime, think turn and it tuns whether in the deep or or the firm pack. With this thing on my feet I feel like I can FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY BUT STING LIKE A BEE!!! !

I know this board will not be everybody’s cup of tea, but think of how important this board is for skiboarding as a sport. Up until know, many folks have thought of skiboarding as a compromise sport. Great in the park and on packed and variable snow, but if you really wanted to ride big mountain lines better ditch your skiboards and grab skis or snowboards.
Jeff has designed a board that in one fell swoop defines a new paradigm for big mountain skiboarding.

And think of what this board does , it allows regular alpine skiboarders to ride the thing with a powder plate and release binding in any of three set back positions , it lets backcountry alpine touring types ride it also in any of three set back positions , and for those crazy skiboarding telemakers out there.

Rider – Jack Jue – Expert Skiboarder

Sherpa is a huge skiboard…

This is a huge skiboard. It takes a lot of energy to ride. I don\’t think lighter riders in the 160lb range will like it. It really requires a lot of work to get from edge to edge on groomers. Once you get it moving, it is easy to turn. Ice grip is the best I\’ve experienced. The powder float is also the best. It does not take the energy to ride powder like it does groomers and turns very easily. Speed and Stabliliy is also ++ for this boards.
Rider – Wendell Jeong – Expert Skiboarder

Sherpa is an idea board for…

When I first was contacted by Jeff Singer about testing the Sherpas, I was excited about the thought of skiboards that could handle the powder, but I was a little apprehensive about the length. Before I took the dive and tried out a pair of EMPs, I was a strong advocate of sub 100cm boards. The EMPs changed my view on this however. First day out on the Sherpas I got to ride in 4-5 feet of untracked dry powder, and that was on the green runs. The float these boards gave me was truly amazing. For the first time I was not paying too much attention to keeping weight on the heels of my boards, or what my tips might dig into. I was riding powder the way it is meant to be.

Since then I have gotten a chance to try these boards on every condition there is. They hold a great edge on ice and hardpack. They are still short enough to maneuver through most moguls as you would on shorter boards, and when you can’t they can pop over the tops like skis. At lower speeds, you do notice the length some, and they feel a bit cumbersome. Once up to speed, however, they truly shine.

These boards have to be ridden aggressively, but if you enjoy carving at speed, steeps, bowls, powder, backcountry, etc. then these are the ideal boards.

Rider – Andrew Thompson (SkaFreak) – Expert Skiboarder

Sherpa: This board is awesome…

This board is awesome! I’ve only ridden this board once since I bought it last week. Initial reaction, it’s a fat board! I do own a 120 but this one has a fatter tip. It is very stable on/off groomed runs and fast! Definitely a great pow board. I stayed afloat on any untracked pow with ease and not even leaning back, that really helps a lot on your legs. Moguls are still a challenge for me, it’s not the board, and it’s just me. It’s my weakness. On park, nothing to say cuz i do not do any park tricks, sorry. I think this is the all mountain board for my style. I have a slight issue with wobbliness but its the way i carve the Sherpa’s, I need to adjust my style and since I’ve only ridden it once, I’ll get it resolve and that would be the end of it. I love this board already.

Rider – Thom Javier (t21) – Expert Skiboarder