90cm broken on a back-flip…

I have bought these snowjam scorpion 90’s for just €75(including the snowjam extreme II bindings).
It was a great deal unfortunately when I tried a back flip I broke my skiboard, it was the first day I ride them. :(
i think it were very good skiboard’s you can carve with them very well, and also in the park you can come around with them.

Rider – Bas Verreij – Intermediate Skiboarder

Love the 90cm…

To be honest,this was my first actual SKIBOARD. comparing to what i had before(FSX 90)the snowjam is a good skiboard. I actually loved it! I was able to expand my limitations from green runs to black with it. Its a stable and fast board, especially when freshly waxed. It scared the crap out of me the first time I rode it off the lift, but it was so easy to manuever that I got it on the first two runs.

A few more green and blue runs and then I hit the blacks to see where I’m at(this was on the same day)I sure stumbled/crashed a few times but my goal was accomplished. The deep powder part was the issue for me, I’m 190+ so when I hit deep powder, I slowed down and sink and sometimes get stuck.but i still had a great time with it!

My son has my snowjam now and his about 160 lbs. and he has no problem going thru deep snow unless he, for whatever reason stops(he did it twice). And for me, I had to step up to a longer skiboard to enjoy more of the deep powder thru trees/bowls and what not, but that’s another story.

Rider – Thom Javier – Expert Skiboarder

90cm’s felt great…

I’ve got to say I really enjoyed these, skied for 7 hours at Glenshee Scotland. They handled the difficult runs easy felt great even though I hadn’t skied in years. Just came flowing back with these on my feet. Didn’t handle powder to well and they weren’t great on the moguls. I might just have needed more practice but didn’t by them for the last 2 so I cant argue. They are quality and superbly built. Snap them up they’re cheap and great.

Rider – Neil Weppenaar – Intermediate Skiboarder