75cm Scorpions are fun…

I have had the Blue Snowjam BLD 75s along with the Brown Snowjam Scorpion 75s and have not enjoyed them at all. They are relatively small, but are pretty wide for their height. On groomers they perform like inline skates, but if you get into any powder or crud, you will probly crash. In the park, they are fun just like riding skates, but the lack of stability is a real hindrance off of jumps and on rails. When riding these in park you have to be a lot more precise with your tricks. Quality wise….i have broken 5 of these boards, all behind the bindings. For the lighter, smaller rider these boards may be perfect, but for someone 6 foot 2 like me they are simply too small, and too fragile.

The only thing i use these boards for now, is riding the coal banks behind my house.

Rider – Ty Bereskie – Expert Skiboarder