Rockets are like no other…

These boards are like no other. RVL8 has done an excellent job of filling the gaps between the 75cm and 110cm boards over the years and the Rumspringa Rocket only continues the tradition.

If you have been afraid to commit to a longer pair of boards because you’re so used to the 99cm feel, but don’t think you’ll like the larger width of the other skiboards in the 99cm range the Rumspringa boards are your saving grace. They give you the length to stretch out those long carves and the ability to cut the quick turns. Not to mention the width of the board is very different from what most modern skiboarders are use to, its skinnier and its beautiful. For riders that want to go edge to edge as quick as possible this is your board. With an effortless tilt of your legs you can be going from edge to edge at any speed and be comfortable doing it on any slope.

Don’t think the fun stops there boys and girls, this board gives you the versatility needed to conquer any park feature you have the nerve to try. The length of these boards has a dual use when it comes to balancing yourself on a rails and landing nice booters. Longer length, bigger sweet spot, better stability equals happy face. The bottom line here is, if you’re looking for something to get you on the slopes without going to an extreme in length or width, these are the boards you want.

Rider – Kirk Schrecengost – Riding the Rockets – graphic artist

Mary Jane’s handle very well on groomed runs…

What a good looking Skiboard! Beautiful graphics! I am 5’4″ about 145Lbs female.

They handle very well on groomed runs and the steeps; they and even handled non groomed runs. Easy to maneuver and ride.

They are a perfect first skiboard for anyone at any age. Length is very nice, not too long at all! Carves just fine, powder was just OK for me, speed was fine but lacked some stability and I didn’t push them super hard because of that, but when I did ask for more I got it. I am used to the wider R8’s and their superior stability combined with speed. Overall a nice first board for someone, again beautiful graphics!

Rider – Shelley Bright – Riding the Mary Janes – Intermediate Skiboarder

Mary Jane’s are perfect…

We got out to a local hill today and put up with cold temperatures, wind and rock solid corduroy.

While on the lift, I kept interrogating Maria to describe how her MaryJanes ride so I could post a review. She was having difficulty describing her ride and was getting frustrated with me for pestering her. Then she responded: “I just ride without having to think about them!”

That statement is probably the best accolade that can be bestowed on a skiboard. They have become one.

Note that Maria is a lighter and short rider at ~117 pounds, 60″ tall, and is a cautious intermediate, who enjoys cruising the groomers, a gently sloped tree run, or shallow powder while taking in the sights. The MaryJanes are perfect for her.

Rider – Slow – Riding the Mary Janes – Intermediate Skiboarder

Rockets are very fast…

The graphics are amazing. However, I was having a hard time stopping. The Rockets are obviously very fast and easy to get on edge. The boards are very fast and every time I rode them I had to push really hard and put a lot of effort into stopping.

In the park I think these are great. They aren’t too short so you still have a very nice landing surface, plus this narrower board is easier to control.

If you like skiboards with speed, the Rockets are the ones for you. It just wasn’t for me.

Rider – Jeaho Park – Riding the Rockets – Intermediate Skiboarder