Rockered Condor, like no other…

2012 Rockered Condor – Like no other skiboard before it, but owing much in inspiration to the original flexy bendy 2008 and 2010 Condors. A torsional stiff zero camber center is matched with early tip rise rockered very flexible tips. Way easier to turn then the 2011 Condor just foot steer or pivot and the thing turns, rock the edge over a lower speed or less angles and the very short straight section engages. On firm icy snow , you have much less edge to work with but the edge is straighter and you can apply all your weight to that very short edge and get very good grip much like you would riding a 75cm super wide bodied skiboard on icy snow. Tips and tails don’t engage until you have softer snow and then engage progressively the softer and deeper the snow. In nice soft groomed snow or chopped up firmish snow it begins to feel just like the 2011 Condor in the same snow but with a more relaxed carving feel with less tip and tail influence on the carve. Spins around and butters like no other skiboard, but perhaps less pop then the 2011 fully cambered Condor to initiate jumps. Maybe less crash durability off park features and awkward cliff drops then the stiffer more uniformly stiffer flexing 2011 Condor? The suspension is to die for in chop, variable snow, and powder with absolutely no need to set back the bindings. In deep pow the board has significantly greater speed and flow then the regular Condor. It floats higher in the snow. No set back is necessary and the rockered tips keep you on top of the snow without diving the tips. You still need to be careful with balance in deep pow and keep centered in the middle of the board to get the best performance but if you do you are rewarded with the best pow performance of any skiboard on the planet.

Overall, the 2012 Condor is less work and is easier to ride then the 2011 Condor. I feel goofier, and more playful on the 2012 Rockered Condor and a bit more serious and aggressive on the 2011 cambered, stiffer version. For me, it is a no brainer, the 2012 Rockered version is more ME but is it YOU? Maybe you will have to buy both to find out LOL!

Rider – Jack Jue – Expert Skiboarder