Bantam skiboards are amazing quality and tons of fun…

These were my first skiboards and I after a one season I have to say, they are a ton of fun to ride! The quality from RVL8 is amazing and the graphics are sweet too. These things are as maneuverable as it gets and you will dominate the groomers with them.

Being small, they do have their limitations. I tend to pick up as much speed as possible when I ride but the limit on these seems to be about 45mph, anything past that gets really really squirrelly. 45 is pretty fast on these tiny things but if speed is what you want, get some bigger boards.

In the park they are good and bad. Since they are almost as small as skates buttering and riding fakie is as easy as it gets. They are sweet on rails and small jumps because they’re so easy to whip around, but any jump bigger than about 25′ is difficult to land on the small surface area.

For bumpy and cruddy conditions, although most will disagree here, I think these are great. They are not what I would call stable however if you learn to ride with the bumps and not over them it can be a really fun energetic ride where you get bounced all over the place.

Obviously they are not designed for powder, if you ride backcountry these are not for you.

Overall I had a lot of fun on these this year, but next year I will be moving up to some bigger boards for more speed and more solid landings on jumps.

Rider – Matt H – Beginning Skiboarder

Bantam: Little boards, lots of fun…

These little boards are a whole lot of fun, If you want total control on the groomers you should get these boards. Because the boards are so small you are able to turn with no trouble at all. Spinning also known as buttering is so easy with these boards. The size of the boards also makes it feel exactly like inline skating. In the park they feel great, you can do inline skate grinds no problem and hit jumps to show off the amazing bases. Altogether these boards perform really great!Joey is riding the Samurai model.

Rider – Joey Anczarski – Expert Skiboarder