Loving the DLP’s

I ended up buying the DLPs. Love them!! The Pros out weigh the Cons but here’s some info so you can decide for yourself.
Pros: Great in Powder and crud. Good in the glades. Great in the Park: unlike most skiboards you can land these things anywhere. Fast, quick turns. good in moguls. Love them for skiing with the kids: no poles to carry and if they need a push or help no long skis to get in the way. ALL ski instructors should have them.
Cons: Not great hold when conditions are hard. Make sure you file down top edge of skis or they will chip. Research or get custom bindings, the brakes I got with mine stick out and are always ripping up my pants(really annoying).

Grade: B+
Bottom Line: I’m not even a “Park guy” anymore, too old yet they are incredible in the park. The landing for such a short ski is amazing. I feel more comfortable off kickers on these then my 165mm skis. Great all mountain ski too.

Rider – Kurt

DLP Just Awesome…

What can I say about these boards? Just Awesome!!!!

First time on these boards for a New Zealand Trip with the wife and only 3 days under my belt before that. Got up on the intermediate slopes on the first day and tried the park too. Never would have done that on the old canons…

They fly across the grooms and have a nice carving circle, not too quick and not too slow. On ice I found that with a slight adjustment in stance you could carve that just as easily too. They also take up all the chatter from any crud and bumps and seem to make them disappear.

On the last day we decided to get an instructor and have a lesson, EEK!!
Really srprised when the instructor came out with his own boards. He said that it wouldn’t be fair if we had all the fun. Anyway he showed us how to work out the carving circle of our boards and got us down to 1 second carves to get our speed up. He had us on the black runs after showing us correct stance and how to stop in various situations. He then proceeded to show us how to do 360’s and all in less than an hour. Brilliant!!!

Anyway these are boards that will give you the confidence to go faster, harder and do more tricks than you have ever done and they stop on a dime too.

The only negative I have, but about skiboards in general is over this side of the world most adults seem to have an irrational hate of the things. Although this is well made up for by being surrounded and questioned by kids everywhere you go.

“Hey man they’re totally awesome, What are they? Who makes ’em? Do you need poles? Are the good for tricks? Are the good for the Pow? Where do you get them?”

They’re called skiboards go tell your dad 😉

Rider – Donall O Cleirigh (riding ’11 DLP’s) – Beginning Skiboarder

ALP skiboards are forgiving in the park…

The RVL8 ALPs are the first venture for RVL8 into the 110cm length skiboard. Previously, RVL8 came out with 105cm Revolts, so how are they?

First, unlike the Summit Customs in the same length, the ALPs have broader tips and tails, giving them more surface area. Also, they have more flex than the Customs. This added flex is perfect for park riders as they are more forgiving, especially on jumps. For those riders who want this flex to be more forgiving on their knees, but want the added length for more speed and stability, you can’t go wrong here. These are also lighter than the Customs, so for those who do park, they would be easier to jump with, whether they be going onto rails/boxes or doing a jump.

As far as on the mountain in general, they perform very well, able to hit groomers and powder without any problems. On ice, I would make sure these skiboards are sharpened as the added flex may get them to slip on gripping when making a carve, but once properly tuned, they do what they are suppose to do.

Rider – Edward Ho – Expert Skiboarder

ALP’s are nice and smooth…

Nice smooth board, with a relaxed ride quality. It has less edge hold then the Summit 110 Woodie on ice. It is a much lighter board, it is nice and stiff in the middle and flexier toward the tip and tail. They are very easy to get on edge and carve, also very stable on edge. I’d say the Adam Lynam Pro’s are smooth and comfortable with Less effort to engage the edge than the Woodies.

Rider – Jack Jue – Expert Skiboarder

ALP’s are great for this new rider…

So I took my ALP’s out for the first time yesterday at Sugar Mtn in North Carolina. They were great! I have only been on Head 94cm blades before and the ALP’s were so much better! I opted to get the Bomber Elite bindings and I love those too. As soon as I got there I had to adjust the bindings to fit my boots (I still had to rent boots because mine are being shipped). I got them locked in and the process was a lot easier than I imagined it. You literally just lock in and go. No chasing boards or worrying about them coming off, they lock on tight. I hate waiting on all of my snowboarding friends to strap up when we get to the top of the mountain. With these you can just take off.

The first run was a little different but it wasn’t bad. The ALP’s carve on a dime and I wasn’t used to as much speed as they get. These things fly! I don’t know how many times I had to stop and wait on my snowboarding friends to catch up. I don’t know if it’s my style or what but for some reason I couldn’t get them to slow down much at all.

I went down 2 black slopes and those are still a little shaky for me. Again, my speed gets going too quickly and I have to stop myself. I was watching other people and it didn’t seem like anybody was going as fast as I was. I am a huge guy on ski’s though. My height and weight might have something to do with it. I’m 6’2, 270lbs….could that be why I was catching so much speed?

All in all I love my ALP’s and I love the Bomber bindings too! I would suggest them to anyone!

Rider – MFMajor22 – Beginner Skiboarder

Original ALP’s are the best…

I thought the Revolts were the perfect skiboard, until I rode these. They always say that the original is the best, and I think the first ALP made by RVL8 is the best skiboard I’ve ever ridden. It has the most pop and is the softest board I have ever ridden on. They were awesome on groomers, powder, and in the park. Plus its RVL8 so you know the quality is A++. I recommend these boards to everyone.

Rider – Ty Bereskie – Expert Skiboarder

ALP Skiboards leave nothing to complain about…

Graphic is awesome. It rides great as well! I’ve ridden them on on parks and grooms.

There was nothing that I could possibly complain about. It carves great and very stable in the park as well. And people will look at you when you show the bright yellow base. Awesome! haha

Rider – Jeaho Park – Intermediate Skiboarder

ALP’s allow you to flow with the terrain…

Hey guys. I haven’t had a whole lot of time with the ALPs, but there are some unmistakable characteristics of both the hard and soft ALPs that I love so much I feel I can talk about them.

Concerning bumps, uneven terrain, and moguls: The ALPs are great because you can choose to flow with terrain, using your knees and shifting your balance to ride whales, moguls, and drift through the trees. When you don’t feel like working with the terrain, just go over it! The boards are long enough and flex enough that you can keep your knees loose and absorb the impact of choppy lines without wobbling all over the place or getting thrown. Your speed also is maintained and increases while doing this as well.

Crud: I don’t think the ALPs are so great at cutting through crud, but they get the job done. This is coming from a guy who used Woodies, which cut right through like nothing at all. Honestly, more experience is needed to make an unbiased call on this one.

Powder: The only powder I’ve gotten to ride through is New England early season powder, and I was dodging trees, so I can’t really talk too much about that. I did hit a line at Bolton through the trees, and there were a few drops (about 5 feet) which the boards landed no issue at all. That was something somewhat new for me, though. Definitely had more float than my 99s, which I actually thought handled powder pretty well themselves.

Speed: Properly tuned, your ALPs are fast. Not gonna be breaking any records, but on steeper runs you’ll be passing people.

Bottom line: ALPs are great all-mountain skiboards, which I think perform best on dynamic terrain (steep, curving, choppy).

Rider – Brian – Expert Skiboarder

ALP is fabulous…

Well I finally rode the 110cm Alp’s! Specifically the ’07 Soft Model. I am 5’4″ and was very much use to your sub 100cm Skiboard and loved the ’08 BWP’s(still love them) BUT… my new favorite board is in deed the Fabulous Alp! Heck no there is no issues going from sub 100cm to 110cm, side by the BWP & Alp are very similar and length is hard to really telling looking at them. The difference is in the riiiiiide! Oh yes, the smoothness and stability is back for me and the higher speeds!

The ’07 Soft Alp even went through the mushy soft stuff better than I expected… but not enough to ride the mush all day. No powder to try these in, so had to put no opinion and I didn’t hit up any park stuff so, no opinion on that either. Groomer runs were perfect, bumpy crud was perfect. Ice, I had a little bit of ice first thing in the morning and the fabulous Alp held just fine for me, I feel I can push these boards and myself next season for sure! As much as I love the sub 100cm Skiboard, this 110am Alp met my needs more. I am very happy for the investment. I was also using the Spruce Pro Prime Risers.

Rider – Shredfest Shelley Pinkkid Bright – Intermediate Skiboarder