Weapons were a great innovation for their time…

These boards were a great innovative board of their time, but by todays standards are short/thin and unimpressive. They pretty much suck in any amounts of powder because of how small/thin they are. However they are extremely durable and feel smooth on rails because of the grindplate…which is a nice feature but i dont feel like it is necessary. They look pretty cool with the black sparkles. All in all these boards are tanks, they feel good in the park, but anywhere out of that they are simply subpar.

Rider – Ty Bereskie – Expert Skiboarder

Weapons are solid boards…

The way these ride depend a lot on where you’re coming from. They’re rather skinny compared to modern skiboards. If you’re upgrading from snowblades, older Lines would be good transition boards into modern skiboards.

The grind plate makes riding rails smooth, but doesn’t help you “lock on” to the rails as some people may think. Grinding anything wider than the built in grind plate is kind of awkward, because you slide well in the middle, but not as well on the board’s edges. Wider rails and boxes seem very awkward and uneven because of this.

The low surface area makes these boards a lot of work in powder. They’re also very stiff which may be a good or bad thing depending on what you’re riding and your preferences. I found the stiffness to be a good thing.

Overall, the quality of these boards is very good. They took several years of abuse and are still solid, with only top sheet chipping (which is normal with sidewall construction boards).

These boards were made in sidewall, and capped construction models.

Rider – Courtney – Expert Skiboarder