MNP’s were the best in their time…

The Line MNPs were my first venture into a true pair of skiboards. Prior to this, I owned the original version of the Salomon Snowblades. This was a world of difference in performance, speed, stability, and overall fun. This was my favorite skiboard until a few seasons ago when both Summit and RVL8 starting making their own skiboards and have taken the sport to a new level. What I enjoyed about the MNPs were their speed and their agility. The could handle all east coast conditions, flying down the mountain. The only problems I ever had with them were in powder, where I would get stuck in deep powder and that was no fun. With the evolution of skiboards being wider, this problem has now been solved.

For their time, the MNPs were the best skiboards out there, and if you can get your hands on a pair cheap, they are still a great skiboard to get yourself introduced to the sport or to have a pair to abuse, but with the evolution of the current crop of skiboards, the MNPs are now a skiboard of the past, a dinosaur that has been surpassed.

Rider – Edward Ho – Expert Skiboarder (Joshua Tree 98cm model)

MNP’s give added stability…

As with all the old Line boards, these were great boards for their time. Compared to today’s boards, these are rather skinny.

I spent less time riding these compared to my Line Weapons, but when I did ride them I liked the added stability that the stiffness provided. Rough conditions felt smoother because of the board’s flex. The length made these boards decently fast.

If transitioning from snowblades or something similar, the older Line boards will be a nice upgrade and transition to wider, newer skiboards.

Rider – Courtney – Expert Skiboarder admin at

MNP’s are bullet proof…

I’ve used the same pair of MikeNick Pro’s for about ten or twelve years. They are absolutely bullet proof. They can take anything you can throw at them and comeback for more. They are very easy to store in the smallest closet and easily fit into a car filled your friends and their gear. THey handle very easy and are extremely stable and solid. I now ski on the RVL8 ALP’s and my son has been using my MNP’s for the past two years and they still have plenty of life in them.

I highly recommend these boards, especially if you can pick them up at a bargain price.

Rider – Alex Grabarnik – Intermediate Skiboarder