Carbon Fiber 125cm are very stable…

Today I met up with Jack and skied his Lacroix 125’s. Here is my impression. I started out with a 5cm setback on the powder plate. We got about a foot of very light powder during the night. It was also very windy so we had a lot of wind blown ice sheets. These boards are very stiff, stiffer than the Sherpas. The stiffness does not hinder the powder handling of this board at all. They could really float the powder and turn very easily. The shear mass of these boards makes them very stable. On the ice, these are the best gripping boards I’ve skied to date. As stiff and heavy as these boards are, they definitely feel smaller than the Sherpas. The edges are a little catchy and possibly could be improved by some tip and tail detuning. The glide is about the same as the Sherpa as near as I could tell skiing side by side with Jack on his Sherpas. After lunch, I moved the Spruce riser to the center postion. I usually like at setback, but on this board the center positon makes the grip and overall feel even better.

This is also one of the few long boards that I can skate. I couldn’t figure you why I could skate this board easier than my other long boards. This is a really nice board for an aggresive rider. Thanks to Jack for the experience. I have to get my own pair now.

Rider – Wendell Jeong – Expert Skiboarder

Carbon Fiber 125cm’s quality is top notch…

A super fast and stiff longboard skiboard. Excellent on groomed hard pack and ice. Very, very fast. Nice in pow with plenty of flotaton. Does require an aggressive rider to get the full benefit from this board. Quality is top notch, and the board is beautiful with the carbon top sheet. Nice 10×4 inserts for Spruce riser and binding.
Also can be top mounted with regular ski bindings if desired.

Rider – Jack Jue – Expert Skiboarder