Invertigo skiboards are sweet sweet boards…

The Groove Invertigos are sweet sweet boards. That’s the best way that I can describe them. They are very well constructed, agile, and yet stable.

On groomers these boards perform very well. Although they are only 90cm long, they are quite stable at speed, and the sidecut dimensions make them great for quick hard carves.

They are a sidewall construction and stiffer than say the RVL8 boards, so in choppy conditions they tend to kick around a lot more. However, they generally are quite easy to keep under control. On the other side, the stiffer feel means the grip quite well on ice.

These are definitely not powder boards, but I have ridden them in ankle to waist deep powder. Anything under a foot is doable as long as you pay attention to your tips and keep your speed up. I’ve had them in powder over my knees and the only reason I was able to keep going was because I was on a fairly steep slope. On the positive side, the short length makes it very easy to crawl out of stashes that you may fall into.

I have never hit any rails or boxes with these, but I have gone off of jumps. At only 90cm you’d expect landings to be a bit more difficult. In my experience though, they are very solid landing jumps, and I actually had more success landing with them than weith my 105’s. I believe the stiffer flex helps with that.

I generally ride these with Bomber Elites, which I think allows them to perform at there highest potential. If you come across a pair of these for sale, don’t hesitate to snatch them up. They are a great classic set of boards that still perform very well.

Rider – Tim – Intermediate Skiboarder