’s Jason Review the Dynastar 99cm Twin Board

The first thing I noticed from these boards was the big turning radius. At around 8.5 meters, it’s comparable to the RVL8 Rumspringas, but much wider, 13.5 cm wide at the tips and 11.5 at the waist, making its width up to par with boards made today (these boards are from the early 2000s)

Combine that turning radius with a pretty stiff board, and these are short carving monsters! They really can be pushed aggressively on steep and fast terrain like no other boards made today, but with much wider turns.

The stiffness makes them a little unforgiving, and you’ll definitely feel the terrain more than with softer boards.

In the park the big turning radius makes landings pretty solid, but the stiffness a little unforgiving. They are completely symmetrical, so great for fakie riding. The big turning radius was a bit of hindrance to getting spinney and creative, but if that’s not your thing you’ll might really enjoy them in the park.

They are not the longest boards so in soft snow there isn’t as much lift, but the waist underfoot is pretty wide giving them a pretty large surface area for their size.

If you want to bomb hills and do long aggressive carves, these are great, and are pretty impressive for their size! Dynastar really packed in a lot of punch with the 99cm old time size limit!

I’d recommend pairing these up with a fairly stiff boot, as a soft boot might have trouble keeping up with the boards.

Note: These usually come with 4×4 Dynastar bindings but I swapped those out for my own bindings are the quality didn’t look that great, so the review doesn’t include the Dynastar bindings.

Rider – Jason Roussel – Expert Skiboarder – Co-Founder