M7 skiboards were top of the line back in it’s day…

The Canon M7 back in it’s day was one of the top line skiboards. This was my first skiboard and I bought it after reading a small article in some travel magazine in my workplace breakroom and I have never looked backed!

I still think about my long skis but just can’t seem to take them out on a slope again, but someday I will. This review will reflect these boards for it’s time. Canon is no longer around and the new top line companies such as Revel 8 are far superior! But for it’s time, the Canon M7 was very fast, but not as stable as I’d like. I did about a half a dozen rails on it and it did just fine, the landing surface area was great. But I am not an avid park rider. Maneuverability was awsome! Zip it anywhere, turn it for a slew of 360 spins quickly, alot of fun!!! People will stop you and ask what you are riding for sure. Go down steep slopes, blacks, and these boards were fantastic! Carve it and do snow grabs easily! The Canon M7 99cm is a perfect size, I am 5’4″ and use non release bindings with ease on these. I never got sore or tired out on these boards either great all around board. Just lean way back for powder or you’ll biff it!

Rider – Shelley Bright – Intermediate Skiboarder (2004 model)

M7 skiboards are pretty sweet…

These boards are pretty sweet, i really like the look of them. The black with the canon logo looks really sweet. The boards are 99cm, but they seem longer and are relatively skinny. The tips are also shaped pretty weird compared to the blunt tips of the RVL8s. Carving, they are awesome and they fell really fast. In the park they feel smooth although a little bit too thin for my personal preference. They arn’t too great in powder, but they will get you down the mountain.

Rider – Ty Bereskie – Expert Skiboarder