Pro Prime bindings makes carving easier…

I received these last year after a slight knee tweak in a rut at an insignificant CT Ski hill. They will weigh more then non-release bindings, this make for more work carrying them to and from the car to the mountain. Once you are on them and riding them, there is not much difference in feel.

The one change I did notice was that carving was much easier even though I was only 1/2″ or so higher then I was before on the bombers. Power transmission was direct without any complaints or excuses emitted from the bindings or riser.

I have not broken any boards since switching to release bindings and I think non-release bindings is a major factor in broken skiboards, Regardless of manufacturer. These are very quick on and off. I did have to modify the brakes to fit on the Condors, but they work perfectly.

I have been off some fairly large jumps, disasters onto rails, spun onto and off of rails, and these have exceeded my expectations. Don’t be afraid to use them in the park. If you are planning on riding park though, get the higher end (pro prime) setup from Jeff (Spruce).

The composite risers are just fine for new riders, though.

Rider – Mark Carraro – RVL8 Team Rider

Pro Prime bindings makes this rider not miss non-releaseables…

My wife and I each got a set of the new Spruce Pro Primes with the Z10Ti’s. She blew out her MCL 2 years ago on her non-releasables, so she isn’t going to ski non-releasables again. I decided to go the safe route as well and we both ordered Pro Primes. We both liked the idea that they both had brakes instead of leashes and both thought they seemed like better quality bindings.

So, first day on the Pro Primes… I don’t miss the non-releasables a bit. They are a little heavier, and not much taller. After a while, I could hardly tell the difference. My wife said she loved them. She says she just feels safer. She was always worried before. And like she said, when you feel safer, you have to try less hard and everything just flows easier.

Rider – Smok3y – Intermediate Skiboarder

Pro Prime bindings are so dang easy to get in and out of…

I was your typical avid non release binding rider… until I broke my leg. I was bummed, and knew I had to switch to release bindings. Leery of the added weight & height and just not being ‘as one’ with the board, I called up Jeff Springer of Spruce and he set me up. I also told him I was flat out leery of going back out, so he set the DIN just right for me too.

First day out on the slopes since the break and on release bindings… woo-hoo!!!!! love them!!! So dang easy getting in and out of, I was laughing at my brother still fiddling getting into his Zero’s! The added height & weight…. so not an issue! My only gripe, fitting them into the bag! LOL Be safe, get some!

Rider – Shredfest Shelley Pinkkid Bright – Intermediate Skiboarder