Pro Lite bindings are a revolution…

With the standard bindings for skiboards being non-releaseables for many years, Spruce came out with a product that allows one to use a regular releaseable ski binding without compromising the flex of a skiboard. This product is a revolution as it allows those who were always curious about skiboarding, but was wearing of using a non-release binding. This is especially the case for those who have previously suffered various leg injuries.

Spruce binding is raised higher than the Bomber Elites, so for someone like myself that loves to carve, this is great as it allows for a more aggressive carve.

These bindings have only released on me a handful of times, and each time, I was glad that it did. One was going down a tree chute which my skiboard got caught between a tree stump and a rock. I’m sure if that happened with my non-releaseables, I would have at the very least suffered a pull-type of injury.

With the ability to be mounted on both skiboards with 4×4 and 4×10 hole configurations, this makes the Spruce bindings a versatile binding that gives you the added piece of mind that it releases just like a regular ski binding.

Rider – Edward Ho – Expert Skiboarder

Pro Lite bindings are high quality…

Nice, solid, high quality bindings that will serve you well. I’ve never had a pre-release (release without a fall) except for once trying out the park, but I’m afraid that might have been my DIN settings or that I might have stepped on the release lever coming off the box. They have a good connection to the board, and being able to step right in is very convenient. I sometimes wish for the wide brakes that come on the Pro Prime so I could finally leave leashes at home, but ah well. I can’t comment much on the feel compared to non-release, unfortunately, since I haven’t had the opportunity to try any non-release bindings on my boards. All in all, great bindings, but I’d recommend considering getting the Pro Primes for the wide brakes. (plus the white ones are hot)

Rider – Nate Myton

Pro Lite bindings leaves this reviewer speechless….

I’ll keep this one extra short…one word…speechless.

They performed perfectly. They seemed like part of the boards with no noticeable play. The added height really helped get edge to edge. ZERO early releases. Had a few legit releases which no doubt saved my bad knees (patellar tendonitis and a 2006 MCL sprain). I wouldn’t ride anything else…regardless of cost. Although I can’t compare to non-release, I’m not sure how I could’ve gotten a nicer ride.

Great product Jeff…my knees agree.

Rider – John Falco – Beginning Skiboarder

Pro Lite bindings set-up is fantastic…

The Spruce Pro Light riser and binding set-up is fantastic. I’ve been on Tyrolia releasables, Bomber Elite non-release and now these Spruce.

The Spruce setup is very light and has a very solid connection with the Dynastar bindings. I felt no slop at all, had no unexpected releases, and I now see no reason for non-release bindings.

Rider – Robert OShea – Intermediate Skiboarder

Pro Lite bindings

This Spruce riser and bindings were on my ALP. compare to my KTP + Bomber Elite II bindings, they were very heavy. I had no problem with riding them, but when I go into the park and do jumps, I felt like I had to put little more effort to it.

Also, when I was carving I ran into this stack of snow and the bindings just separated from my boots. I wouldn’t fall if it hadn’t come off, but it did, so I fell.. and I fell hard.

You can change DIN setting to increase the pressure that these bindings take before it comes off, and when I tried new tricks on rails… I had them come off many times.

And it was just too heavy to carry. I like my skiboards to be light.

It does its job. comes off when it has to, and if you do it right, it works great on carving and all tricks. If you don’t do it right, there’s high chance that the bindings will release.

Good thing about this bindings were, it was just so easy to get on.

Rider – Jeaho Park – Intermediate Skiboarder