Receptor Soft bindings giving a pretty awesome experience…

My first thoughts: It was pretty awesome experience.

I have been riding a snowboard for a while (long before I found out about the skiboards for sure) and still do from time to time.

First, after I step in the bindings with snowboard boots, it felt at least 1/3 lighter than my ski boot & Allz setup. Even if the weight was about the same, I think the snowboard boot could give that lighter feeling.

Next, it feels flatter and more down to the ground, and that’s a plus from my point of view. I tried carving and such, just to get the feeling of control of the boards. I picked some cheap boots, to not incur extra costs as I just wanted to get a feel for the bindings. The boots were soft, and I mean really soft, at all points. So I had some awesome control only for my left foot, but less with my right.

Yes, the boots were much softer than usual ones that are around the market these days, but I got the feeling of how the riding is. And it gets a little closer to the snowboard side of skiing, the feeling of floating and such.

The overall look is good, quality stuff. Everything looks well combined and in balance and harmony.

When we put the bindings on boards, they seemed not straight (we set them on 0 degrees: snowboard binding degree stuff). So we changed one to 1 degree, and shouldn’t have. So we ended up with 2 bindings, one on 0 and one 1 degree straighter looking. By going forward I couldn’t see any difference, while going fakie – the “fixed degree” ski had a lot less control.

So if you get your hands on the RVL8 Receptor snowboard binding risers, keep the degrees straight to 0 (or experiment with it more of what would you prefer).

I tried a little jump and the landing was solid/ good feeling on the softer boots/wider boards setup. I then did some grinds, no problem on switch-ups and stuff there. Straight UFO/royal was as simple as with normal skiboard binding/boots. I still want to test it in powder and on bigger jumps in the park. (With boots more proper this time, baby).

It is definitely a fun experience and everyone should try if they want to try something new or if they are going from snowboarding to skiboarding. Also if they like the feeling of original snowboard boots, this is a great option.

Would I change my Allz setup that I use now to rock around the parks and mountains these days to include the Recepter soft bindings? I don’t think so, as they are so completely different from one another.

Rider – Tenis Dimants – Expert Skiboarder

Receptor Soft bindings provide superb coupling…

Props to Greco for never giving up on the idea that an interface could be developed to allow snowboard boots and bindings to be used on skiboards. The riser is designed to provide superb coupling of the snowboard binding to skiboard . Snowboard bindings go on easily. What Greco has provided is not a full binding set up but an interface that allows us soft boot skiboarders to be creative with what goes on top . I use a middle of the road standard snowboard binding with ski boot plastic cuff that I salvaged from an old ski boot , and standard medium flex snowboard boots. The set up provides fantastic control , great sensitivity to the snow and has replaced my hardboot standard skiboard binding set up as my boot/binding of choice for resort riding on the Condor . Props G for a fanstatic innovative product! 1st rate! I don’t do park, so no comment on performance there, but in all areas of the mountain, the riser combined with my modified snowboard binding and snowboard boots provide all the control I need and an amazing sensitivity to the snow!

Rider – Jack Jue – Expert Skiboarder