’s Andrew reviews the Rocker Bindings…

During the 2011/2012 season I picked up a set of the new Rocker soft boot bindings for skiboards. I also bought a pair of soft snowboard boots so I could get the full experience. Right out of the box I was impressed with the bindings.

The solid construction and material used instantly made me feel like they were going to be able to hold up to my 6’ 2” 225lb frame. I proceeded to mount them onto a pair of RVL8 Revolts. I started using a regular socket wrench for attaching them to the boards, but quickly found that it was a little more difficult with the height of the back and side of the bindings to use that socket. So I got out the extended socket wrench and had installed them easily.

Also during installation I checked on the bumpers which are solid rubber secured with a screw so the base plate. Those rubber bumpers are really a great idea and help keep the screws in place during use of the bindings. I needed to tighten one bumper and that caused a problem. The base of the binding has a thick sole glued to it to provide cushion for your boots, and it’s a great idea because you definitely don’t want to be standing directly on metal when skiboarding, it would be quiet uncomfortable. It also covered up the screws for the bumpers making it difficult to tighten once they become loose, but it can be done.

Never having been a snowboarder I wasn’t sure how comfortable it would be to be using soft boots while on skiboards. But I took a recommendation and got the stiffest boots I could find and went out with them.

Bindings are now secure to my satisfaction, time to hit the slopes!

I took it slow and leisurely at first, but just like with the first time I was on skiboards, I quickly became comfortable and picked up the pace. The three straps on the binding that hold you in place are solid as a rock, and if tightened properly, hold you in place and give no wiggle room. This allowed me to feel the snow better just like I would in my hard shell boots.

As I got more and more comfortable I put myself on edge more and more and carved harder and harder on groomers. The bindings held true and did not give at all.

The real concern I had was with the long screws from the base of the binding down to the skiboards. I thought with such a long screw that getting on edge and pushing hard would cause the board to separate from the binding and the screws would rip out when given so much side pressure. But that was not the case, they held true and I was as comfortable carving with the Rockers as I am with my Spruce Riser Pros. That’s saying a lot from a soft boot binding system.

I did take them to the Midwest Meet last year up at Mount Bohemia, which is all powder backcountry skiboarding. That is where my comfort ended. I found out quickly that I ride on my heels a lot, not knowingly, almost too far on my heels that I was no longer comfortable. Not being a veteran powder rider I wasn’t prepared for it and lost my footing a lot. Since that trip I’ve learned that the Rockers are prepared for goofs like me with the ability to adjust the back leg rest of the binding forward. Had I been aware of that at the time it could have very well made a huge difference, but I wasn’t able to try that feature out last year during that trip. And the rest of the year all I have are groomers to ride on.

I don’t do park, so I can’t speak for the bindings there, but with as solid as they are, I can’t imagine there would be any issues.

The more I used the Rockers in weeks and months throughout the season, besides Bohemia, I really enjoyed the comfort of a soft shell boot and the knowledge of knowing the Rockers are tanks and would not release on me in any way.

I’d comfortably give this product 4 out of 5, great job Rocker!

Rider – Andrew Deehr – Intermediate Skiboarder –

Rocker Snowboard Boot Bindings for Skiboards…

The Rocker Skiboard Binding is the first and only commercial skiboard binding designed to allow the use of snowboard boots on skiboards. It is specifically designed to mate with the RVL8 Snowboard binding riser. The Rocker binding mated with the RVL8 riser and a stiff snowboard boot provide almost hard boot like control over your skiboards with amazing sensitivity to the snow, plus the comfort of using snowboard boots. The difference in sensitivity to terrain and snow with this set up over a traditional hard boot setup is amazing. I have switched from my Full Tilt Receptor set up on my Condors to this set up with K2 Thraxis snowboard boots, and use it exclusively at the resort. I do not ride park but I think this product will be amazing for park as well. The Rocker binding allows for a center stance or 4cm back on any 4×4 skiboard equipped with a RVL8 soft boot riser. Adjustment is simple and can be done in the field by loosening four screws moving the binding on the riser and replacing the screws. There is also a forward lean adjustment on the high back. Three big wide cushioned straps (there are no commercial snowboard bindings with the top strap). The top strap is absolutely essential to control for skiboarding. The workmanship is great on this binding. Folks have dreamed of riding their skiboards with snowboard boots with control and precision, that day is now here!!!

Rider – Jack Jue – Expert Skiboarder