Line FF Aluminum won’t leave you disappointed…

The Line FF Aluminum bindings were the first metal bindings I owned with a real pair of skiboards (not snowblades). They are entirely made of aluminum, and the length of the binding has two sets of rubber dampeners that run the length of the binding. If you are unable to afford a pair of Bomber Elites and are able to find these (or the Line FF Pros), you will not be disappointed.

There are several differences between this binding and the Bomber Elites. First and foremost, adjustments to the toe/heel bails are made with teeth. These teeth make adjusting the bindings very easy. The drawback that I’ve found is after years of wear and tear, the teeth can get dull and eventually not hold as well as they should.

The bails are not as tough and not as sturdy as the Bomber Elites. They hold great, but just not as tight as the Bomber Elites. The toe clips on the FF Aluminums don’t quite seem as tough as the Bomber Elites.

The Bomber Elites are mounted directly onto the skiboard, with the rubber dampeners being on the toe and heel while the Line bindings have rubber dampeners that run the full length of the binding, so there is more dampening material.

Overall, they are a great binding that one can’t go wrong with. If you can’t afford a pair of Bomber Elites, want non-releaseable bindings, and are able to find these or the FF Pros, get them.

Rider – Edward Ho – Expert Skiboarder