Robert reviews the GGO Spine and Middleman Binding System…

I knew I didn’t want to spend another day on the slopes in ski boots, so off to snowboard boot skiboard bindings I went.

My setup: 2009 Ride LX bindings, GGO’s MiddleMan riser & Spine highback on Summit Custom 110 Woodies, and Salomon Malamute boots (one of the suggested “stiff” snowboard boots for this off-prescription use).

The skiboards got on edge as easily as they did in hardboots (good MiddleMan riser height), and I don’t know whether they were confidence-inspiring or I was just getting cocky, but I found myself being (even) more playful on the slopes than normal.

Additionally, I appreciated being able to adjust the rotation of the boards in relation to my feet. The option to have this adjustment allowed me to discover, that at least with my riding style/body mechanics, I felt more confidence, and felt as if I was “gripping the slope better” by pointing my toes toward each other 3 degrees in relation to the skiboard tips. Doesn’t mean that you’ll come to the same conclusion, but at least you get to easily experiment with this setup!

Regardless, I recommend this product. Thanks for the skiboard bindings, Gadget Geeks!

Rider – Robert – Intermediate Skiboarder