Bomber Elite are the premier bindings…

The Bomber Elite bindings are the premiere binding for skiboards currently in the market. They are super tough made from solid pieces of aluminum and are of top notch quality. Making adjustments for your boots are easy as there are different settings for the toe/heel bails, plus micro-adjustments can be made on the bails themselves. The bindings can also be set back as there are three positions the bindings can be mounted onto a skiboard. These bindings have never released on me prematurely, and have never failed.

One tip, make sure the screws are in tight, then once you get onto the slopes and do a few runs, tighten them up again. Sometimes, the temperature change can make the screw loose.

Also, one wish I have from Bomber, at one time, they made risers that gave the Elites an additional 1/2″ in height. I would love for them to make them again as the higher you are on your binding, the more aggressive of a carve one can initiate.

Rider – Edward Ho – Expert Skiboarderr

Bomber Elite Bindings are on a whole other level…

I’ll preface this by saying that I’ve only ever used two kinds of bindings. I started out on the SnowJam Extreme 2’s, and while those are good entry-level bindings, the Bombers are on a whole other level.

I have used both the older and newer versions of the Bombers (based on the TD1 and TD2 alpine snowboard bindings) on several different boards and the performance is amazing. When I originally got my RVL8 EMP’s, I put my SnowJam’s on and used the same pair of boots to establish a control “feel.” I then switch to the Bomber Elites, and I must say it’s hard to describe how much better they feel. The EMP’s are a wider-bodied design, and the extra height of the Bombers, coupled with the stiffness of the design makes cranking the boards up on edge quite easy. Additionally, the bumper design really impressed me with how well it allowed the boards to flex in choppy conditions.

On groomers these bindings are really hard to beat. As I mentioned before, the riser/bumper design really lets the your boards perform well, and the feedback is very good.

In powder I believe the bumpers again offer an advantage by allowing the boards to flex up and ride on the powder as opposed to diving into it. Obviously the stiffness of the boards will also play into this, but I think the bumpers do help.

In the park I must admit I think the riser/bumper design looses some of it’s charm. The bindings do perform well, however, the solid engagement between the bindings and the boards that is so good carving is a bit rough for landing jumps. Also, the bumpers, I think, allow the board to flex a bit too much while landing jumps. I noticed that with the Bombers I had more of a tendency to land backseat, and I couldn’t save the landings as well. A binding like the Zero or FF Pro will give you a bit more cushioning and a bigger “footprint” for landing jumps and coming off of rails.

Having said all that, I’ve been really happy with my Elites overall, and I think they are definitely worth the money. If you have wider boards then I highly recommend going with the Elites. You will not be disappointed.

Rider – Tim – Intermediate Skiboarder

Bomber Elite will elevate your skills…

I’ve been riding RVL8 Revolt w/ bombers ever since the first set of RVL8s came out…I used to ride Line Jedi w/ ff composite bindings back in the day…well I recently ordered the Revolt chicken w/ groove bindings for my boyfriend and I have got to say, in a side by side comparison of bindings on the same boards, the Bombers are hands down the best. I didn’t think I’d feel much of a difference but after using them for a few years I def can’t go back to regular bindings. I compared them w/ snowjam bindings as well. The difference in ease of carving was the biggest difference I found…I felt as if I couldn’t get the boards on edge as easily w/o the bombers. I think it’s b/c they’re higher off the board than anything else. They also allowed for much more flex, better tail “pop”. And this might just be my imagination but the chickens seem to have more flex than my EMP trees do… So for anyone on the fence about bombers, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they are definitely going to elevate your skills to the next level!

Rider – Stacey – Expert Skiboarder

Bomber Elite

For several years I had wanted to pick up a pair of Bombers. Once I finally was able to get them, I realized that I didn’t really like them. My boots happened to be a size that was in between the 3 main adjustment settings. As a result I had to have them extremely tight or a little loose causing my foot to move in the binding. After I traded them to Ty for another pair of FF Pros, there was something posted on the SBOL forum about micro adjusting the bails. I never got to try this, but preferred my Line FF Pros much more than the bombers. I also didn’t like the reputation these bindings got for snapping boards. The bindings themselves seemed to be on the heavy side. The FF Pros seemed lighter, and look nicer. If you don’t mind taking the time to get these adjusted, they’d be great bindings. If you want to be able to adjust bindings more quickly and easily, I’d suggest going with some FF Pros or RVL8 Revolts which also feature easy micro adjusting.

Rider – Courtney – Expert SkiboarderĀ Editor