Editor in Chief Andrew reviews the 109cm Twoowt Dark Skiboards

First impressions out of the box are these things are slick looking and very impressive. Built with the same sandwich style construction as the other modern top flight skiboards on the market these Twoowts are also sporting a 6 hole pattern instead of the standard 4×4. This allows for the ability to set your standard 4×4 bindings back for those ‘powder’ days when the so arise.

With a non symmetrical shape I wondered how these would look, but you’d never know it, as the tips are 15.6 with 12.6 at the waist and 15.1 at the tail, so very close to symmetrical. They are designed this way with the unidirectional design to give skiboarders better control on the intent of all mountain riding. The boards have a solid wood poplar core and are stiff, not Loken stiff, but stiffer than most boards riders are use to these days. This is something I look for in a board, hence why I like the KTP’s so much, as I like to sit very back seat when I ride.

I have been riding 99’s and 101’s recently but in the past ride my Revolt’s and 120cm Spruce’s quite a bit. So it’s not that I don’t ride longer boards, but it had been a while. These boards never felt that long, in fact they felt very much like the KTP’s, even with the extra 8cm.

When I first jumped on the hill I was immediately comfortable on the Dark’s. The smaller tail may allow for the feel to not be as ‘big’ as other symmetrical boards of the 110cm length. I could carve with absolute ease and never had a moment of…hmmm…on these boards. They just felt ‘right’. Long large carves on groomed runs is where, I felt, these boards shined the best. I don’t do park so that’s not part of my review, but I do ride tree’s, I just haven’t had a chance yet on these boards and will update the review once I get some time on them in the forest. Others I ride with have ridden the 109cm Twoowt Lions through the heavy glades at Mt Bohemia and absolutely love them there, so I will take their word for now, that they perform well in that arena.

These boards impressed me from the get go right out of the box. Great craftsmanship, cool design and color scheme and superb performance on the slopes. If you are looking for boards in this length I would definitely suggest giving these a try, if you can get some of them. At this time there aren’t many avenues to acquire them here in the states, but I’m hoping there will be in the near future as I’d love to try some of the other boards in their lineup.

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