Loving the DLP’s

I ended up buying the DLPs. Love them!! The Pros out weigh the Cons but here’s some info so you can decide for yourself.
Pros: Great in Powder and crud. Good in the glades. Great in the Park: unlike most skiboards you can land these things anywhere. Fast, quick turns. good in moguls. Love them for skiing with the kids: no poles to carry and if they need a push or help no long skis to get in the way. ALL ski instructors should have them.
Cons: Not great hold when conditions are hard. Make sure you file down top edge of skis or they will chip. Research or get custom bindings, the brakes I got with mine stick out and are always ripping up my pants(really annoying).

Grade: B+
Bottom Line: I’m not even a “Park guy” anymore, too old yet they are incredible in the park. The landing for such a short ski is amazing. I feel more comfortable off kickers on these then my 165mm skis. Great all mountain ski too.

Rider – Kurt

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