Schalk reviews the new Mantrax FR

Background: Another offering from the Czech Republic! This time it comes in the form of 99cm pair of fully symmetric, cap-constructed boards with a turning radius of 5.5m, and measuring 140-110-140cm. It is the work of skiboard shop owner and designer, David Zak.

I have ridden the boards under indoor conditions in the UK and outdoors in Slovakia in early season conditions. A pair of Spruce risers with releaseable bindings were used at all times. I did not do any tuning to the boards except for waxing, although I think that the boards can do with at least some detuning. I did not find it a particularly interesting set of boards, but I have by now ridden a wide variety of boards, but I do beieve these boards could be a very good starter set of anyone new to the sport. Especially for people living in the EU, it has an attractive price too.

Groomers: it carves pretty well and it’s short turning radius allows for negotiating the busy beginners runs with ease. Skating is pretty easy too. Out of the box the boards can be a bit grabby for hard carving, but for beginners it will provide an easy ride. They held edge well on the icy red runs we came across in Jasna.

Park: I suspect the boards would be well suited for park riding. It’s lightweight feel would suit those riders looking to slide rails.

Powder: Don’t. Just don’t.

Summary: It is a set of boards primarily suited for beginner to intermediate riders on groomers. Park riders looking for a second set of boards should considers these too.

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