Summit Custom 110’s speed are incredible…

I have only skied in the North East US, which means lots of man-made snow and plenty of ice often with the occasional white-out conditions. After doing some research on skiboards, I went with the Summit Custom 110cm 2013 model. These came with Atomic release bindings.

The Summit Custom 110cm’s were a big surprise. The speed was incredible. There was no chatter and the edging grabbed at every turn. I especially like the 14cm width which helps it ride as if I had 2 snowboards under my feet. Turning was a breeze, spinning to backwards and even twirling around for multiple 360s also came with ease.

As the season progressed it seemed like the sky was the limit with these. I ventured through the glades with the ability to fit through the smallest of paths with instant response from my boards to make the tightest of turns. Downhills were tremendous and again, very surprises at the incredible speed and stability at max speed straight bomb running it. Turning at high speeds was probably my favorite aspect of these. A simple lean and they just grabbed and you carved at will. Not once over the entire season did they lose an edge or not go exactly where I wanted them to go.

Then comes the terrain parks. Being that skiboards are a lot lighter and shorter than my long skis, not having the extra length and weight really made for a fun time. I was able to get into those great grooves snowboards make entering the side of trail jumps that my long skis never seemed to fit right into due to the length. The flex in these was just enough to give me that extra spring into the air while still allowing landings to not be brutal and kept me balanced. I am not good at riding rails so I can’t tell you how they’d perform, but “Jib Boxes” were A LOT of fun and hit everyone I came across.

The graphics I thought were pretty cool on these featuring summit peaks. Probably the only thing I would have liked more about these is if they had cool graphic bottoms instead of the plain black. Transporting these was also very easy. They were small enough to fit in the trunk of a Honda Civic all season and were light to carry to and from the lodge. I was not easy at all on these, in fact I beat the heck out of them, and they just kept asking for more. These were phenomenal all-mountain skiboards and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a do-all go-everywhere type of boards and I look forward to the next season using them again.

Rider – Lyle S – Expert Skiboarder

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