Skiboardmagazine’s Jason flexes the Summit Nomad…

So I finally got to try these out after years of these being on the market.

Most interesting thing of these skiboards is the flex. They are stiff under foot, and the tips are very soft. This works nice in powder, giving plenty of lift out of the soft snow with little effort. Add that with the 6 cm high tips and you get lots of lift. More lift does make for more drag however, so they are slower in soft snow than other skiboards.

At 6.8 meters, the Nomads have a pretty large turning radius for this size skiboards, combine that with a stiff under foot and you get an amazingly stable and fast ride, as long as you dont rely on the tails, ie ride the tips or backseat.

Park rats might find the turning radius too big and tips too soft to get very creative, but it does make landings and slides super stable. If you enjoy bombing steeps, long carves and frequent powder stashes on occasion, pick yourself up a pair.

Rider – Jason Roussel – Expert Skiboarder Co-founder

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