skeletools Impact Gear

I was a newbie in the park. So I decided to get some protection gear. I got upper body and lower body protection, both medium.

Upper body was little bit big but I liked the way it created a little space and wasn’t too tight. And while riding I never noticed that i was wearing them, until someone hit me on chest =P

Lower body protection is little bulky, and it’s tight. I chose Medium because I wear size 32 pants, but it was a little too tight. I just kept wearing them and got used to it. First time I wore them I felt like i had a BIG butt.

But some of you can see my video and you can’t really notice that much after a while. =P

These work.
I fell right on rail. on my chest, on my butt.
I hugged the rail while falling. I hit my tight on rail.
I landed wrong and fell on my butt many times and my back.

I do not have a scratch on me, and I am ready to go skiboarding again the next day. Just get the right size and get used to the bulkiness and tightness.

Pads are replaceable so you can rearrange your pads. (i did). Also you can get new pads. (i didn’t have to until now)I didn’t feel that they were moving while riding. They are where they are supposed to be.

(Rider) Jeaho Park – Intermediate Skiboarder

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