Salomon SPK Kreation boots has great heel hold…

After a late season start last year, and picking up some Head EZ-On boots, that fit decently at the store, and then turned out to have all kinds of pressure points/cut circulation after 15 minutes or so of riding, I went out last week and picked up some SPK Kreaton boots. The store I went to also had¬†Dalbello Krypton¬†boots, which I tried on, but due to fairly wide feet, they just weren’t comfortable at all. I had previously tried on some used Full Tilt’s at the Vancouver Snow Show, that actually fit well in width (they were slightly too large on the length though), but now I figure those must have been punched out/heat molded to a wider foot.

Anyways, back to the SPKs. Trying those on straight out of the box, with a “superfeet” insole that they carry at the shop I went to, these already felt amazing. After about 5 minutes of them on and just walking around, the boot-fitter suggested that if they still felt great, we could heat-mold the liner, and after that, I don’t think there’s a better fitting ski boot for myself out there.

The results on the mountain are much the same. No hot-spots, no pressure points, and great heel hold. Flex feels to be just right, and all around, they just feel solid. No more do I take my boots off at the end of the day, and have to sit around 10 minutes before I feel comfortable driving because I couldn’t feel my feet. My feet do feel a little on the cool side after a full day of riding, but I don’t get any pins-and-needles after. I couldn’t be happier.

And there have been a couple times in the park already, with two days on these boots that I’m extremely glad for the shock-absorbing gel under the heel. So for a park-rat, if your feet don’t fit the Full-Tilts and Dalbello boots, don’t think you’re out of luck. These are just great.

(Rider) Mitch – Intermediate Skiboarder

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