Rossignol Sprayers Boots are great for skiboarding…

These boots are touted as a beginner park/pipe boot. For skiboarding I found these boots to be great. They had the flex I was looking for, as I find I don’t need a super stiff boot or a ton of brute force to throw around my RVL8 Revolts. The boots is not a top end boot, but it fits wonderfully after I had the thermofit liners heated. They also look great and after four straight days in the mountains I had absolutely no sore spots or pain. The boots were also one of the easiest boots to slip on, and I would recommend these boots to anyone who is looking for a boot that “forgives like Jesus, and skis like Satan” (

Oh, and I thought I would add that I used these boots with a pair of volcano ski boot inserts.

(Rider) Nathan Gorin – Expert Skiboarder

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