Full Tilt Konflict boots are very narrow…

Never seen a bad word against these boots… and for good reason. The Raichie Flexon design that Full Tilt have resurrected is a skiing legend – high performance, stylish, customisable (you can buy tongues and other parts from Full Tilt dealers to adjust flex etc.), light weight, well-built boots at a very competitive price.

The 09 Konflicts come with two tongues of different flex characteristics so you can choose with suits you best; and don’t be put off by the lean of the boot, I ride them on skiboards and skis with no problems at all. In fact, I would go so far as to say that they have actively improved my technique and rate of progression.

The Intuition liner is comfortable and heat moldable, and *claims* to not need a footbed. Listen to your boot fitter though, I found a custom molded footbed really made a massive difference because of the shape of my arches.

These are very narrow fitting. So if, like me, you’re cursed with a foot shape that makes buying boots and shoes a bit of a nightmare, give these things a whirl. If you’re lucky enough that they fit then you’ll certainly be rewarded.

(Rider) Rink – Beginning Skiboarder

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