Dalbello Voodoo boots are pain free…

I had SPK Kreation. I bought it because it was affordable + I liked the design and color. But that boot killed my foot. I play soccer, so I have a quite large anklebone. (just on my right foot though) left boot was totally fine, right boot was killing me. I was in so much pain while riding. I brought it to a shop and had them try many things, nothing worked.

So I decided to get a new pair of boots.

Dalbello Voodoo.

This is a freestyle boot. I used these boots today for the first time. So comfy. No pain at all. I could’ve enjoyed my day without worrying about my anklebone pain. It’s very warm as well. I ride aggressively (carving) and also did some rails and jumps in the park. These boots are just so comfortable. it worked great in everything. Glad i found this boots.

(Rider) Jeahopark – Intermediate Skiboarder

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