Dalbello Lotus Freeride Boots are SWEET…

Dabello boots are sweet! These are from the women’s line up of freestyle Dalbello skiboots. Comfy comfy! On my fourth time out is when I KNEW without a shadow of a doubt these were the bomb! I did not want to or need to ever take them off for a break nor make any other adjustments! And I did not get the liners heat fitted. I am using currently the #4 heel flex and #8 insert flex. You have LOTS of options, you can have total 100% flex 80 or 70%, whatever you want. Walking is a cinch. Jump landings are sweet. The canting is set by ring tabs rather than using allen wrench. great boots great color. Any Dalbello boot is gonna be goooood!

(Rider) Shelley Bright – Intermediate Skiboarder

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