Extreme II bindings didn’t hold tight…

This was my first non-release binding. At first it was fine, because I had nothing else to compare.

When I was coming down the hill, I just fell. Didn’t know what was the problem. Next thing I noticed was that one of my skiboards was gone. Back then I didn’t have a leash so I had to spend a good hour finding my skiboard. Binding came loose while riding. I had to make sure it was all tight before riding. After that, I got another pair of bindings (Bomber Elite 2)¬†and I could totally tell the difference between these two bindings.

The Extreme II binding was out of my sight. I don’t think it is was very good for hard-carving, ice riders. or in the park…

I don’t feel like it was holding as tight as the Elite 2s.

(Rider) Jeaho Park – Intermediate Skiboarder

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